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The seasons are certainly changing in Ohio. The 10 day weather forecast currently shows a high of 55 Degrees and a low of 18 Degrees. It is important to make sure you enjoy the cold weather. Here are few simple tips to help you be comfortable in your apartment. 

1. Keep windows and patio doors closed. Make sure they are latched and locked. 

2. Keep your thermostat on a comfortable setting. Never shut off your heat completely in the winter as it can cause the pipes to freeze. 

3. Dressing in layers, will this keep you toasty? You Betcha. 

4. Wear warm socks and put the beach sandles away. 

5. Using fleece or flannel sheets/blankets. It really works! 

6. Drinking warm liquids -  Have a nice Starbucks Coffee, some Herbal Tea, or simmer a pot of soup. 


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