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The Happiness in Giving: TED Talks

Are you the type of person who gives to charity yearly out of your innate sense of moral responsibility, but have never had the opportunity to see the direct impact of your generosity? Researcher Elizabeth Dunn discusses her own research on happiness and giving in her TED talk, "Helping others makes us happier- but it matters how we do it." For those unfamiliar with this organization, TED posts free talks online that accessible to anyone, and their slogan is "ideas worth spreading". Feel free to check out her talk, which is found under "Curator's Picks: Top 10 TED Talks of 2019", or at the link https://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_dunn_helping_others_makes_us_happier_but_it_matters_how_we_do_it?referrer=playlist-curator_s_picks_top_10_ted_talks_of_2019

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