Blueberry Picking

For all of you berry lovers out there, although strawberry picking season is over, blueberry picking is still in full swing! Wolff's Blueberries is located at 6947 Hankee Road in Garrettsville, and is open every day of the week except Sunday for customers to either pick their own blueberries, or purchase a pre-picked container. The farm is closed this weekend so the berries have time to ripen, but they will reopen this Monday, July 20th. Pre-picked blueberries cost $4.50 per lb., whereas if you pick them yourself, they are $3 per lb. A great deal combined with a fun family experience! To top it all off, the farm is just over a 20 minute drive from Portage Pointe Apartments.


For more information (and delicious recipes to use up all of those blueberries) visit their website at


Happy picking!


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