Coyote activity increases in the winter; here’s what to do if you spot one in Ohio


Beginning in January, coyote presence tends to rise and continues to do so through March due to the animal’s breeding season. Then, in April and May, coyotes become protective of their litters, which could cause potential conflicts with humans or pets.

Although coyotes are common across Ohio, the Division of Wildlife suggests several steps to help prevent or reduce problems:

    Know that coyotes have been discovered in all of Ohio’s 88 counties and are regularly spotted within city limits. Remove all items that could attract coyotes to your property, including trash, pet food, and grill grease. Coyotes tend to prey on small mammals. Keep small dogs and cats inside, especially at night. If you encounter a coyote, clap your hands, stomp your feet, and shout. The coyote will likely move away from loud noise. Tossing rocks at the coyote could also deter the animal. If everything else fails, contact a local trapper by calling the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at 1-800-WILDLIFE.

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