roses are red

Roses are red...

Violets are blue...

There is nothing that says "thank you", "I'm sorry" or "I love you" in a better way than a boquet of flowers.

Unfortunately, one dozen roses on average will cost you over $40, since most florists charge $3.50 per stem!

Have no fear, you can still get flowers for that special someone on a budget. Groupon currently has two different vouchers for the rose delivery company, Rose Farmers.

Vouchers cannot be combined, so it is recommended that you buy the $40 voucher toward roses- for the affordable price of only $15!

You can use this voucher immediately at where one dozen roses typically runs at a price of $49 (this price doesn't include shipping, which is around $15).

Your total, rather than spending nearly $65 for one dozen roses to be delivered, can be as low as $24 ($9 after the $40 voucher + $15 for shipping)! They have multiple colors, and often will give a discount if you increase your order to 24 roses. You can even include a special message for the recipient. 

Gifting that is affordable is the best kind. Happy shopping!


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